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CSS LLC (FKA Copier Sales and Service), was founded in 1990 by Theron W. Smith, Jr. of Columbia, South Carolina. The founding of CSS fulfilled a lifelong dream of Theron’s and his family, by creating a products and service based company that would eventually become a benchmark in the office products industry.
Since its modest beginnings, CSS has grown to become the only independent office products company with statewide coverage across South Carolina. Partnering with TOSHIBA has been a “win, win” situation for both organizations. CSS now maintains branch offices in Greenville and Charleston, SC. The company, headquartered in Columbia, SC, recently completed a 15,000 square foot office/distribution center for easy access to the 4,000+ customers that CSS services.

Theron Smith retired from CSS in August of 2001. The day-to-day operations were turned over to his son, Ted Smith, now President of the company. The family concept of CSS, for its customers and employees, will remain the foundation for future growth and success.

“The success of CSS goes back to our grass roots beginning of treating our customers and employees as friends and family. The bottom line is we try to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We will avoid at all costs, turning our customers into just an account number. We have pride in the fact that we talk with our customer base on a first name basis. And this will remain a criteria for our employees when recruiting new customers. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that people do business with people, not a flashy sales pitch or one-time low price.” states President, Ted Smith.

The future is bright for CSS. The product lines that we represent, are routinely releasing cutting edge technology-based products. Our Service, Sales, and Administrative employees are thoroughly trained to ensure your complete satisfaction. CSS employees are constantly training and learning the benefits these products and services can bring to our current customers and those we hope will join our “family” in the future.

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